Successful Book Signing by Cheryl Carpinello

Marketing books is not for the timid and that includes book signings. Just because you have a table filled with freshly signed books ready to sell doesn’t mean that people are going to flock to it and ask to buy your book. Usually it is just the opposite.

A reserved person around strangers, I have had to learn how to be a seller. It wasn’t easy, but I stepped out of my comfort zone and now successfully sell books at local author signings put on by libraries, at craft fairs, and at bookstores.

I’ve put together some tips for you that I have found to be successful.

Have all materials ready before you go.

  • ‘Signed by the Author’ stickers on your cover
  • Books all signed
  • Bookmarks placed inside the front covers
  • Pens and Business cards
  • Poster of your cover
  • Change if you are collecting the money as you would be doing at a craft fair.
  • Table/chair if you supply

Make an attractive table that invites people for a closer look.

  • Use a tablecloth (I use a plastic one.)
  • Have an easel or bookstand to display your book/poster
  • Arrange items so that the table does not look cluttered.
  • If possible, have a statue, picture, or something else else unique to your book’s topic (I have a 3-foot tall metal knight that sits on one end of my table.)
  • Do Not sit down in the chair.
  • Always stand and be ready to greet potential buyers (I stand either to the side or slightly in front of the table.)

Engage people as they walk by.

  • Always have a smile for everyone
  • Ask a question (Have you thought about a autographed book for as a unique gift for that special person? How much to you know about Arthurian Legend?)

Hand them a book so they can read the blurb on the back cover

  • Give a 2 or 3 sentence summary of the book
  • Tell them you would be happy to personalize the book if they purchase it now

Have some small thing you can hand out to all.

  • Bookmark, candy, recipe

Have some item connected with your book to give them when they purchase it.

  • Recipe, word search, crossword, sheet of historical facts

Smile and thank them even if they don’t buy your book.

  • Potential customers may be standing by to see how you interact with others

Remember to stretch yourself and act like you love being there! Have fun!!

Author Bio: In addition to be a writer, Cheryl is a retired high school English teacher. Still passionate about working with kids, she conducts writing workshops for kids in the elementary and middle schools. The kids outline their own medieval stories complete with knights, dragons, magicians, and usually princesses.

Cheryl loves to travel to college football games, to Las Vegas, to visit family, and to see new places. She and her husband recently spent two weeks visiting Egypt where they traveled by local train from one end of Egypt to the other.

Featured Book: Sons Of The Sphinx by Cheryl Carpinello

Travel to ancient Egypt through the eyes of a tenth grader named Rosa as she uses her special gifts in an attempt to bring honor to King Tutankhamen’s family. Rosa is an ordinary teen who struggles to fit in with her peers, however she must also come to term with the gift that her grandmother bestowed on her.

As it turns out, Rosa’s gift allows her to not only to hear and speak to dead people, but actually travel back to ancient Egypt. Without warning King Tut appears to Rosa in her bedroom asking for help finding the spirit of his long, lost, love Hesena.

Rosa has to fight unimaginable fears in order to travel back 3,000 years, deal with a hostile environment, and an evil Pharaoh, not to mention tomb robbers in order to connect with the spirit of Hesena all with the hopes of righting the wrongs of this ancient past.

Young Rosa has a heart of gold and the courage of a champion along with a sweet innocent inner self that inspires a touch of romantic feeling for her spirit guide. I quote a passage from the book to show the author’s unique writing style and ability to connect with young people:

“Tut, you were rich beyond anything I can imagine. It’s so unreal.” I walk around behind the shrine. “You were one of the richest pharaohs in Egypt.”

He looks at me and frowns. I see something in his eyes, briefly, that mirrors the disappointment in my dad’s eyes the day the cops brought me home. I ditched school after one of those talking ghost episodes. They picked me up at the shopping mall an hour before school was out. An hour! I have all the luck. I cough as my throat tickles in an irritating way.

“Roosa.” He sweeps his arm through the air. All this is here, with me, now, dead.”

‘Sons Of The Sphinx’ is a fast paced, historically accurate time travel adventure that will enlighten and engage the hearts and minds of readers from pre-teen to adult. Author Cheryl Carpinello has not only researched ancient Egypt, but travelled there herself. This book details the Eighteenth Dynasty (1550-1295 BC) and includes a map of Ancient Egypt. There is a glossary of Egyptian Gods, People, Places and Terms which is most beneficial.

Theodocia McLean endorses ‘Sons Of The Sphinx’ by Cheryl Carpinello for the historical accuracies, adventurous journey to ancient Egypt with teen tenacity and paranormal contributions. I purchased and reviewed this book from a Kindle. The review was completed on April 28, 2015.

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