Author Jenno Bryce Offers Free Books

The gardens of Peter and Jenno were back to back. At the bottom of Jenno’s garden was a chicken shed.
Peter just had a shed. Jenno and Peter were in different gangs; but a friendship developed… more or less.

Author BS Murthy Offers Free Books

Author BS  Murthy 

I’m pleased to bring to your notice my literary body of ten free ebooks published by Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing Press.     


Benign Flame: Saga of Love–Saga-of-Love-by-Murthy-B-S-.aspx?&Words=BS%20Murthy  

Crossing the Mirage – Passing through Youth–Passing-Through-Youth-by-Murthy-B-S-.aspx?&Words=BS%20Murthy

Glaring Shadow – A stream of consciousness novel–A-Stream-of-Consciousness-Novel-by-Murthy-BS.aspx?&Words=BS%20Murthy

Jewel-less Crown: Saga of Life–Saga-of-Life-by-Murthy-B-S-.aspx?&Words=BS%20Murthy

Prey on the Prowl – A Crime Novel

Stories Varied – A Book of Short Stories–A-Book-of-Short-Stories-by-Murthy-BS.aspx?

Onto the Stage – Slighted Souls and other stage and radio plays–Slighted-Souls-and-other-stage-and-radio-plays-by-Murthy-BS.aspx?&Words=BS%20Murthy

Puppets of Faith: Theory of Communal Strife–Theory-of-Communal-Strife-by-Murthy-B-S-.aspx?&Words=BS%20Murthy

Bhagvad-Gita: Treatise of Self-help in verse sans 110 interpolations 

Sundara Kãnda: Hanuman’s Odyssey in sloka to sloka verse