Author Zak MT Standridge (Japan, MO, United States)

What Do You Mean, Genetic Nightmare by Zak Standridge

Meet Malcom Connings, mild-mannered Archeologist. Meet Zaliesty, rich corporate Tycoon interested in cloning. Meet Xenth and Skie, Vengeance Zombies. Meet Ninghizzarhad, an Awakened Ancient. We now return you to your regularly scheduled End-of-the-World, already in progress… Originally published in limited runs in Louisiana in 2001, now the tale returns (in true Phillip K Dick fashion) in a Two-Part Special Edition with Player Sketches, released during the year the story was to take place.



Traveller: The Man In Red by Zak MT Standridge

After the fall of Mr. Blue, the Chron-Arch’s companions never expected to see him again. Now, they’re face-to-face with the NEW face of everyone’s favorite accidental Time Lord….



Pop Art Blue by Zak Mt Standridge

From the harrowing Christmas of 2010 to the following bitter winds of Christmas 2011, an alcoholic took to pen to attempt to maintain his very sanity. This work contains his labors.



Spiker’s Spiral by Zak MT Standridge

One day, everything will be taken from you. Nothing can prepare you for this day; not faith, not love, not hope. In a far distant, distant future, Arthureus Vercingetorix learns this lesson the day he and his fiance are brutally murdered to protect the interests of the corporate ‘InterSystem’. Yet he is mysteriously resurrected as a ‘Spiker’, the latest in a long line of vengeance zombies. Now, all the cosmos will know what happens when a nightmare. . .fights other nightmares.



Tales Of The Chron-Arch by Zak MT Standridge

What do you know about Time Travel? Here, for the first time, are the collected special editions of the first two novels featuring everyone’s favorite Accidental Chron-Arch.



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About Author Zak Standridge

Zak Standridge is a moderately-celebrated Independent Author of Sci-Fi and Horror.

He lives with a cranky, old-ass Cat in Japan.


No Kids.

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