Author Sandra W. Burch (Alabama-USA)

Sandra W. Burch is an award-winning poet and the author of the Seaside Series.
Her work has appeared in over a dozen venues, including Piker Press, Torrid Literature Journal, Best New Poems, Room magazine and Page & Spine.
She is an editor with Revival Waves Publishing.

Featured Selection: Seaside Series Trilogy: Romance Novellas

After being injured in a paparazzi-induced car accident, Phoenix Chamberlain returns to Seaside Haven to recuperate. There he meets resort manager, Sierra Ramstad, who is used to being the boss and not keen on taking orders from others. Not only did the accident change Phoenix physically, it also broke his spirit. But with the help of Sierra and his therapist, he decides he can overcome the doctor’s grim prognosis and learn to enjoy life again.

When Phoenix Chamberlain’s former lover, Monica Swarovski, commits suicide, he learns the truth he never knew. He has a son. Newly wed to Sierra, Phoenix has no place in his heart for his son’s guardian, Sue Deveraux.

Yet Phoenix can’t ignore the attraction he feels to her. The only way Sue can protect the child is to strike a deal with Phoenix. Will she get more than she bargains for?

Genre: Audible Audio-books, Romance, Contemporary, Fiction & Literature

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