Author Jason McGathey (Statesville, North Carolina-USA)

The first time I wrote anything, or at least anything that was not a school project, occurred the last day of my 11th grade year, when I came home and jotted down everything that had recently happened. This was the moment a switch flipped, where all of the talk about “someone should write this stuff down!” meaning the daily exploits of my friends and me, hilarious ideas we came up with, conversations had, and so forth, where that turned into the sudden realization that…wait a second, there is no “we” here. Writing, for the most part, is not a team sport. If “someone should” write this all down, that someone is most likely only ever going to be me.

Things steadily progressed from keeping a journal, that summer, to working on a novel during my senior year, and creeping forward to a point where it slowly dominated my life. You know you are afflicted when ducking into restrooms while out in public, often in the company of friends, to scribble down ideas before you forget them. At present I have written 11 books and published 3 of them. It’s accurate to say that I easily average writing in some form 350 days out of every year. I can’t stop. Aside from the published works, I have two banana boxes filled with handwritten journals and notes, which doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of computer files saved. At some point before the age of 30 I realized that even if I never came up with another idea again, I was already at a point where I would never finish, in this lifetime, all of the projects I’d begun. But, alas, this is my life’s great quest – a race against the clock to knock out as much of this as I can. The question of why we as people feel compelled to do these kinds of things in the first place is one I still have no answer for, and probably never will.

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