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Harvey’s Dilemma by A. MacQueen

A collection of modern day short stories with surprise endings sure to please.



A Long Flight Home: A Story of Friendship, Love and War by A. A. MacQueen

Howard Murdoch grew up in rural Georgia where he fell in love with flying one day when a crop duster crossed his path on the way home from school. Bradley Cooper, from Cody, Wyoming followed his brother into the rodeo, becoming a clown, distracting broncs and bulls from thrown riders. A crop duster and a rodeo clown… quite a pair to meet up in flight training before heading to Vietnam. This is a story of aviation and brotherhood. It follows two men and their lives before, during, and after a war that tore the country apart.



The Prosecution of Jack Hastings by A. A. MacQueen

Jana Hastings, the general’s wife, has always been able to overlook her husband’s philandering… until now. Always destined to rise to the top, Jack Hastings was viewed as a dashing over-achiever, even as a cadet at West Point. With the rank of Major General, Jack Hastings chose to make his mark in a strategic consulting firm outside of the military. Involved in international operations, his Oklahoma based company manufactures small arms with proprietary design and technology. Jack, however, has one weakness destined to bring him down−he falls easily to the prey of beautiful women. When a gun running plot goes sour it gets even worse when a woman romantically linked to Hastings is found brutally murdered. Jana Hastings pleads this ends the way she sees it, but most of the time it doesn’t work out that way.



The Prosecution of General Hastings by A. A. MacQueen

Jack Hastings is in a heap of trouble. Following a stellar career in the U.S. Army that began at West Point and ended with his retirement as a Major General, he now owns a small arms manufacturing company located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Mesquite Manufacturing builds a unique weapon that has caught the eye of certain nefarious groups below our southern border. Mexican drug cartels usually get what they want. But, when General Hastings refuses to sell his product to them, a young lady friend of the General’s ends up dead. With his footprints and fingerprints all over the scene, and his admission that he had been there, Major General Jack Hastings has a new uniform… the orange jumpsuit issued to him by the Oklahoma City Jail. He also has a wife who has found the end of her rope.

Now General Hastings has his flaws, but is murder one of them? Attorney Sally Stillwell is faced with defending the General against a mountain of circumstantial evidence tipping the scales against her. Harry Kincaid and the upper echelons of U.S. Intelligence have other interests in the case. Once again, it’s Kincaid against the bad guys. And there are a lot of bad guys.



Following Claire by A. A. MacQueen

The day that Mac MacClaine sold his company for $60 million turned into the worst day of his life. He learned that plans that had taken a lifetime to form could be changed in an instant. Still dealing with his own tragedy, Mac steps up to improve the lives of others, some complete strangers.

A family crisis takes Mac to the Nation’s Capital and challenges him to resolve it one way or another. A sixteen year old girl’s life hangs in the balance as Mac calls in a couple of favors and comes to know one Harry Kincaid. Like Mac, Kincaid favors the ‘direct approach’ to things. Kincaid’s problem solving style, however, usually involves someone going to a hospital… or the morgue.



Message From The Author: I grew up the son of an Army officer and a loving, caring mother. Dad’s career offered me the chance to see and live all over this great country of ours and instilled in me a love for it and our way of life. I attended 10 schools in 12 years, and rode out the 8.7 earthquake in Alaska (1964.) I graduated with a degree in Economics from Auburn University.

I had the opportunity to wear the uniform myself and served as an artillery officer in Vietnam. I have an undying and unapologetic love for the U. S. military and often include them in my novels. It will come as no surprise that politically, I lean to the right. No apologies for that, either.

I started writing when I was able to grasp the big, fat pencil that our teachers used to give us and hold it up to my Big Chief tablet. I love a good story and enjoy telling them.

I write under the name A. A. MacQueen, borrowed from my great-uncles, Angus and Alexander MacQueen. Master storytellers, both.

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